1.The UX Review,2013. Personas-The Beginners Guide.

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Users in the experience maps is also called as the persona by Alan Cooper in 1999 (Alan Cooper, 2012). Persona is a comprehensive prototype of real users which is a service for a product or a target group. Using the qualitative and quantitative research on the users, the users are clustered and can get the integrated prototypes of the target users (Mulder S; Yaar Z, 2007).

Typically you will want to capture any number of the following attributes:

  • A person’s goals on your website / service / product
  • A person’s motivations for using it
  • A person’s current pain points or frustrations
  • Some demographic data such as age/location/sex
  • A quote that captures their attitude in general, or towards the website / service / product
  • A short bio about their background
  • A person’s technical ability along with which devices they use and how often
  • Other brands or websites they may like
  • A picture that captures that particular persona. Try not to use stock photography as this makes it hard to think about the persona as a real life person and can be difficult in gaining credibility. Dating sites are a good place to start for images – although remember to ask for permission if needed!image3


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